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Extractor Sample
Dilution Probe

Extractor Sample Dilution

Customer Feedback

The probe and extractor are in operation in our lead smelter stack flue. I have to say I am "very" happy with the performance of both probe and extractor. Everything worked as expected and fit right the first time. Thanks for everything to date.


Sampling Systems for All Source Gases



Extractor Sample Dilution Probe

Maintenance and Trouble-Free

For Years of Operation

Dilutes Source Gases 1:10 to 1:1000+

Extractor Dilution Probe EP-3000

EP-3000 Dilution Probe


In-stack precision sampler extracts, filters and dilutes high temperature, wet, corrosive source gases in-situ for CEM monitoring. Double filtration, no eductor, no plugging, no sample reaction/loss, no heat-traced lines and low maintenance. EPA approved for use in Methods 3A, 6C, 7E, 10 and 20. Ideal for continuous monitoring SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, H2S, TRS, NH3, etc.


  • Typical Dilution Factors 1:10 to 1:1000+
  • Delivers 3 – 5 liters/min dry diluted sample gas
  • In-stack Purge, Zero and Calibration
  • Double in-stack filtration
  • Inert Sampling Tip Orifice – no sample loss
  • No heated sample tubes/lines are required
  • TITANIUM Probes 350 OC (750 OF)
  • STAINLESS Steel Probes 925 - 950 OC (1600 - 1740 OF)
  • INCONEL Sampling Tips 1000 OC (1800 OF)
  • Standard lengths 18” to 40” (46 to 100 cm)
  • Fits standard 1.5”- 3" (3.7 - 7.6cm) ANSI W.O.G. Flange
  • Ideal for all Portable and CEM Source Gas Monitor Systems

Accessories (Optional)

  • Sample Extractor - Pump, Temperature Display and Zero Gas Scrubber
  • Extractor Dilution Probe Controller – Rack Mount or NEMA 4 Portable Cabinet – 115VAC/60 Hz or 230 VAC/50Hz
  • Diluted Sample Gas, Dilution Air and Purge/Zero/Cal tubes/hose from the Probe Controller to the Dilution Probe

                            Controller EP-3000-D


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